Press Release & New address and time for Thurs. night meeting

Note the change of meeting to the Town of Morningside and the change of time to 7:00 PM.

Here’s a message from our new President, Ms. Angela Holmes, from a Press Release that is circulating:

The new administration is looking forward to working with the businesses, residents, political representatives and government agencies.

With that said we anticipate the support of the community to be able to accomplish the new goals, mission, and visions that are being developed. We are looking to improve the Prince George’s County’s Communities through economic development, attracting new businesses, reduce the amount of empty residences, and commercial space in concert with local and state agencies, improve education and schools. PGCCF’s mission is to work diligently as the liaison for civic associations, neighborhood watches, homeowner associations, churches, businesses, school organizations, nonprofits and individuals that reside within Prince George’s County.